Improve Quality

Reduce Deviations

BioVoke's data-driven approach helps life science firms enhance quality by design and reduce deviations that result in lost time and lost product.

End-to-end traceability in real time

BioVoke’s data-driven design dynamically builds traceability links through the validation lifecycle, giving you real-time visibility and traceability reports on-demand.

Reduce cost

Reduce cost of quality

Errors causing rework are a leading cause of cost overrun. BioVoke helps your team get it right the first time, every time.

Reduce cost of capital projects

BioVoke has built-in scheduling tools to link validation activities to project milestones, ensuring all actions are complete and deviations are closed out in a timely manner.

Manage Risk

Control process and product risk

Built-in workflows document product and process information, conduct risk assessments, develop control strategies and document approved design specifications.

Control project and capital risk

Robust project management capabilities help the project team plan and execute the validation project. KPIs give visibility to help project management ensure milestones are met.

Projected Savings

The entire BioVoke suite provides significant cost and schedule savings, while keeping all of your information current and secure. Estimated savings are anywhere from 20 – 40% for project delivery, based on the efficiency gains for the activities listed below.

Estimated Savings % of Activity Budget Potential Savings Area
5–10% User Requirement Development
5–10% Design Reviews
10–30% Planning
20–40% Project Management
20–50% Protocol Development
25–40% Document Review/Approval
25–50% Change Management
40–65% Protocol Execution
50–65% Issue/Discrepancy Management
90–100% Traceability Report Development
Case Study:

BioVoke eVLM Vs. Paper Protocols

$300 Million Project

The problem

Conduct a side-by-side comparison for the development, pre-execution review, execution, post-execution review and deviation tracking for an IOQ protocol on a complex piece of equipment.

The solution

Employed Biovoke Verification Development and Execution Module along with the Issues and Change Management module.

The results

BioVoke demonstrated a 42% savings in end-to-end development and execution when compared to traditional paper protocols.

Biovoke eVLM Vs. Paper Protocols

Case Study:
Biovoke Change Management & Automation Configuration

Biovoke Change Management & Automation Configuration

2.5 year / $2+ Billion Project

The problem

Track changes to equipment design and automation system configuration during construction and commissioning.

The solution

Employed BioVoke Issues and Change Management capability of BioVoke Core.

The results

Tracked and resolved over 2000 engineering equipment and automation changes with $800k savings in process efficiencies.