BioVoke electronic Validation Lifecycle Management (eVLM)

BioVoke eVLM is a software platform used by life science companies to manage the validation lifecycle of their manufacturing processes, systems and facilities.

Improve Quality

Reduce Deviations

BioVoke's data-driven approach helps life science firms enhance quality by design and reduce deviations that result in lost time and lost product.

End-to-end traceability in real time

BioVoke’s data-driven design dynamically builds traceability links through the validation lifecycle, giving you real-time visibility and traceability reports on-demand.

Reduce cost

Reduce cost of quality

Errors causing rework are a leading cause of cost overrun. BioVoke helps your team get it right the first time, every time.

Reduce cost of capital projects

BioVoke has built-in scheduling tools to link validation activities to project milestones, ensuring all actions are complete and deviations are closed out in a timely manner.

Manage Risk

Control process and product risk

Built-in workflows document product and process information, conduct risk assessments, develop control strategies and document approved design specifications.

Control project and capital risk

Robust project management capabilities help the project team plan and execute the validation project. KPIs give visibility to help project management ensure milestones are met.

Site Lead -
Emerging Biotech Firm

We have a fast-moving project and needed to nail down our design requirements quickly. BioVoke helped us organize our product and process information, complete our risk assessments, develop our control strategy and finalize design specifications. Developing and executing. BioVoke shaved weeks from our schedule.

Validation Project Director - Large BioPharma Project

Managing commissioning issues and engineering changes for our large greenfield project was a challenge. We used BioVoke to track and resolve thousands of issues and automation changes. Workflow efficiency improved cycle time and reporting tools helped to ensure we closed issues and changes in time to meet our project milestone dates.

Mountains of paper limit access to critical data

Traditional document-based validation programs fail to capture the power of data.

These programs accumulate mountains of paper and terabytes of electronic documents, making critical quality data inaccessible for real-time electronic retrieval.

Fragmented, inaccessible data forces many manual processes – resulting in inefficiency and errors.

Opportunities to scale and standardize are missed. Decisions about risk, quality and resource allocation are often made with partial, inaccurate, and time-late information.

Mountains of paper limit access to critical data
BioVoke unleashes the power of your data

BioVoke unleashes the power of your data

BioVoke enables life science firms to unleash the power of their data.

With BioVoke, data becomes the driver for improving product quality, reducing lifecycle cost and managing product and project risk.

BioVoke uses a relational database and flexible workflows to transform a traditional validation program into a data-driven engine for validation lifecycle management.

Each step of the validation lifecycle adds to a set of structured data by linking new data and decisions to those established by previous steps.