Because Your Time is Precious

BioVoke is fast, flexible and paperless.  Use BioVoke to save time and money by having all product and process information linked together in one database. BioVoke is versatile and can be used virtually anywhere in an online or offline environment.  BioVoke is 100% paperless, which results in instantaneous access to information and ensures data integrity and security.

The use of BioVoke will give you a compliant competitive advantage in an ever-changing world.  BioVoke is built in a modular fashion and is easily configurable to meet your needs. The base-build version of BioVoke provides a complete solution; however, custom solutions can also be developed, if required, to meet your specific needs. BioVoke is the go-to product for meeting a higher standard!

Retain Project and Process Knowledge

As processes and information gets integrated into BioVoke, you will capture the intelligence of your organization. No longer will you be put in a difficult situation if a key team member leaves, because you will have their knowledge captured in your BioVoke system. As a result the intelligence of your company can grow steadily over time.

Features and Benefits

BioVoke does the following:

  • Supports science and risk-based QRM approach based on product and process knowledge
  • Allows for efficient life-cycle management with no redundancy
  • Stores all product and process knowledge, associated document, and data in one location
  • Enables paperless design review, test planning, development, and execution
  • Provides secure environment that maintains data integrity
  • Maintains design basis including user requirements, critical aspects, and risk controls
  • Links requirements, design, testing, maintenance, procedures and training
  • Manages project scope, issues, discrepancies, documents, decisions, and action items
  • Manages engineering or project changes
  • Customizable to meet client processes and needs

And results in the following:

  • Competitive advantage from greater efficiency and faster, more reliable processes
  • Savings from test planning and on-line collaboration with SMEs (cross-functionally and globally)
  • Global standardization of project processes resulting in cost and schedule reductions
  • Savings on document development by utilizing library of standard test cases
  • Savings from document routing, reviews, and approvals by electronic management
  • Savings from reduced or eliminated GDP problems
  • Rapid real-time management and close-out of issues, punch lists, discrepancies
  • Linkages to product and process characteristics
  • Data integrity and security assured across all projects

Projected Savings

The entire BioVoke suite provides significant cost and schedule savings, while keeping all of your information current and secure. Estimated savings are anywhere from 20 – 40% for project delivery, based on the efficiency gains for the activities listed below.

Potential Savings Area Estimated Savings % of Activity Budget
Issue/Discrepancy Management 50-65%
Change Management 25–50%
Document Review/Approval 25–40%
Project Management 20–40%
Managing All Information in One Location 3-5%
UR Development 5–10%
Design Reviews 5–10%
Traceability 95–100%
Planning 10–30%
Protocol Development 20–50%
Protocol Execution 40-65%