Get Exactly What You Need

Using our framework and knowledge of GMP regulated manufacturing operations, we can rapidly prototype and then bring to maturity a range of custom solutions.

Is your organization currently burdened with business processes that use paper for managing critical information for your operations? Or perhaps your organization is using multiple platforms to manage various tasks such as asset management, maintenance, requirements definition and testing?

If so, the BioVoke development team can provide a turnkey custom solution which moves all of your paper-based business processes into an integrated secure web-based environment that can be accessed from a computer or mobile device.

Our developers will work with you to establish your requirements and develop a beta test solution so your end users can ‘test-drive’ the application prior to final acceptance. This ensures all user requirements are satisfied.

Our team can also provide test scripts, validation plans, operating procedures and summary reports needed to rapidly validate your custom solution. Our staff can also train all of your end users with hands on demonstrations either on-site or remotely.

Please contact us if you are interested in a custom solution designed to help improve your bottom line.

Reference the case study below for an example of a real custom solution that was provided for a large pharmaceutical client.

Resource Management Custom Solution

The problem: The client was using a Microsoft Access database to manage resource estimating. There were a number of issues with the database, the main one being the inability for it to grow with the company. It could import a project list and generate some reports, but took a skilled DBA to run it.

The solution: The original solution began as a resource demand estimation tool based on existing software the client had built using MS Access. It was intended to manage and project resourcing demands for all capital projects. The solution was expanded to track and project resources, roles, and hiring needs for all capital projects. Resources could be added by program, project, role, and project phase. The tool also included an interactive, editable Gantt Chart that supported easy data entry to manage staffing fluctuations for projects, people, and entire departments. Project updates from Capital Expenditure reports and other excel sources were imported and merged automatically using the BioVoke import and merge capabilities.

The primary features of this product are as follows:

  • Auto Import and Merge Project Lists, including project phase start & end dates
  • Assign people to projects & phases easily with an editable pivot view
  • Track Project Phase start and end dates, which automatically updates resource records
  • Review and Edit Resource Loading by Role
  • Review and Edit Resource Loading by Department
  • Review and Edit Resource Loading by Program
  • Track Resource/Hiring Needs by Project, Role, and Department
  • Easily Identify resource over-allocation to help level load people who are overburdened

The solution: Our technical team replaced the functionality of the client’s old tool in approximately 25-30 hours of development effort. We then supported and tweaked the reports as requested by the customer every 2-3 months for a year. This solution took only approximately 100 hours of development time. Additional time was spent getting through customer requirements and deciding what would work best for our customer’s project teams and department managers.

The client is now saving a significant amount of time using the new tool to effectively manage resources for projects.